About Us

Alpha Global Imports

Alpha Global Imports Pty Ltd, established in 2008, is a wholesaler of rugs and manchester products. We offer a wide range of products that fulfill all your home furnishing needs.
Our priority has always been to maintain a high quality standard for long lasting products at affordable prices. We achieve this by manufacturing our own products in India, using locally sourced sustainable raw materials. This allows us to put our customers' needs first, offering customized products as per their requirements.
Our production facilities are based in India, famous for its handloom industry, thus most of our products are handmade, using knowledge that has been passed down generations, a harmony of age old craft with new technology. Moreover, we strive to use only the best quality of raw materials, preferring traditionally used natural fiber like cotton, wool, viscose etc. , making our products long lasting and sustainable.
Our vision is to establish a company that grows forward together with everyone who forms a part of it - from our craftsmen to retailers to our customers. We are constantly innovating and expanding our range of products and design, so you discover something new every time you shop with us.
We believe in ethical and fair treatment of all our employees. Our co-workers and weavers benefit from intensive in-factory training scheme, as well as contractual employment plan. No child labor is used while producing any of our products. Our products are made exclusively by skilled artisans who work with traditional handicrafts. Every time you buy our products you are helping these artisans indirectly. Furthermore, regular training visits and inspections by our experts guarantee continuous improvement and attention to minute details, resulting in a product that meets your demanding lifestyle, and gives a new look to your home.

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